Supporting our communities

We are proud to have supported many local charities since Giraffe began. In 2024, as we launch Giraffe Residential, we are dedicated to supporting the 'Food Dignity Alliance'. Their mission is to create an alliance of businesses and individuals who financially and practically support community projects, initiatives and social enterprises to tackle the impact of food poverty and increase food dignity across the North East. 


Some of the projects supported by the Food Dignity Alliance include: 


FDA Pop up pantryPop up Pantries: These offer an alternative to a Food Bank, allowing people to select their own food at a discounted price. Pop up Pantries aim to save members 50% on the RRP of food and other household goods.  


Grassboots: This project aims to support families in the North East by providing them with new, or nearly new, sports and school footwear and clothing. Grassboots, indirectly support families caught in food insecurity, as money they save on shoes and clothing can be invested in food and energy bills.


The Byker Pantry: This project was the catalyst for the Pop up Pantries. Set up in a similar way, but in a fixed location, this project aims to help members living within Byker to save 50% on the RRP of food and other household goods. FDA Grassboots


Here at Giraffe we are dedicated to donating 10% of House Sale Fees to support the Food Dignity Alliance. If you are interested in to find out more about the various projects or if you would like to help to support these projects yourself, please go to:


                                                                                                               FDA platinum

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